martes, 9 de septiembre de 2008


Una canción (¿?) que escribi ... una de las únicas, primeras y... extrañamente en ingles.
Quizas en algun momento tuvo sus respectivos acordes...pero ya no mas!
Rima, empalaga...pero me contiene.
Hacia muchisimo que no la leia...le deje de dar bola y algun contacto del msn perdido que la conoció hace mucho mucho, hoy me pidió de subir una frase y me repitio como 3 veces que le gusto lo que escribi.
Y...ya que me subió el ego... la expongo a los ojos de los que quieran ver.
Aunque tuvo muchos mas títulos... ganó Heroine.


I don’t want to become a heroine
I just want to leave at a extreme, to feel alive, to live a life.
Oh! Many stories retelling life experiences may be sung,
All the same I'd love to reach the sun, to take a gun and create love…
To feel that astonishing heat a terrible nightmare may leave,
To feel those rounded eyes of Lucifer trying to get my soul,
While dancing beyond some silly love songs…
Oh! I’ll see enormous plane deserts being filled with nobodies’ feelings,
Drown with some heat of his,
With that look on it…

I never wanted an aligned-lifestyle,
Even though I can’t wait that perfect plane leaving me
Up high on the south…
Oh…from those stories which I’ve been told,
I will only hold those silly exciting chords…
Lyrics may be empty, and feelings cold,
There’s no way to stop good notes.
I don’t wanna be cold, nor free, nor warm
Not even me…
I simply wanna be that bloody me I will always wish to be…

Oh! There’s no way to learn from life with no exciting parts!
Life won’t be lived without some from that Lucifer indeed…
No angels, no Gods, no heroes, nobody but gold.
Yes, that bright harmful piece of trash
Who’s now guiding life,
Yours, their, mine…
Everybody’s life!
But I would love to reach the sun,
To take My gun and create love

But I would love to reach the sun,
To be made of love and destroy lives.

Oh…I don’t wanna be gold, nor a fee, not you…not even me,
No song can be written with those fears of yours and now mines…
No love can be given feeling a heroe inside
So that hero builds a bright harmful piece of trash,
With a yellow stoned heart,
With some rounded eyes Lucifer’s alike…

I don’t wanna be a heroine but I would like to try it out…
To try some life…
To try it Now!


Laura Va.

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